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Egypt! A land of romance, mystery and myth! Agatha Christie fell under its spell with her book 'Murder on the Nile'; King Tutankhamen left a legacy of conspiracy and intrigue, and Marc Antony lost his heart! Above all, the embracing presence of the Pyramids, binds all facets of Egypt into a never to be missed or forgotten magical holiday destination!

Who can fail but to gasp at the glory of the funereal contents of the Tomb of the Tutankhamen, or be inspired by the magnificence of the grandiose building of Ramases? Where else can you glide serenely by on a luxury cruise boat and view a landscape that still has hints of Biblical times? Or relax on the sparkling waters of the Red Sea and swim and dive in some of the worlds most beautiful waters? Where else but Egypt - a land both ancient and modern!


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Egypt Summer Special

Indus has carefully put together a selection of 3 fantastic offers for summer 2010. Each of the tours are tried and tested – designed to reflect the majesty of ancient Egypt and vivacity of her Red Sea and Mediterranean Resorts. We have chosen some of the finest hotels, cruises and beach resorts to ensure you experience Egypt at its best.
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